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About Us


Welcome to the first and only place where you can find the freshest and best quality coffee as well as the most complete range of coffee related equipments in Medan. Macehat’s coffee beans are roasted to order from the selected Sumatran Mandheling beans, the jewel of Sumatra. Famously known as the gourmet coffee through its flavor, our Mandheling coffee will deliver premium cup every-time. It is the ideal way to start your daily routine or even as a signature gift from Medan-Sumatra.

We always try to be innovative and different. This mentality has pushed us to become the first coffee roaster in Indonesia that also processes our own coffee beans from freshly harvested coffee cherries. This effort ensures that the quality of our coffee beans is always at its best and at its freshest.

To further our commitment to you, we only roast our coffee once we have received your order. This effort ensures that you always get our coffee at its very best. Big coffee roasters or coffee bought on supermarket shelves cannot provide this commitment to their customers. We can!

We only use 100% Single Origin and Strictly High Grown (SHG) Arabica beans. Single origin means that the beans have not been mixed with any other beans, while Strictly High Grown refers to coffee grown at altitudes higher than 1,200 meters above the sea level. At higher altitude, beans grow more slowly to produce a denser, and more intense flavour. Higher grown beans are often more desirable and considered higher in quality.

Macehat Premium Coffee has started to become an icon in Medan. Our newly opened specialty coffee shop allows coffee lovers to sample many types of our roasted beans, as well as Macehat’s other own processed products like waffle and pancake espresso, risoles , fr

ied cassava, spicy chicken on rice and more… Or Simply come in for a take away Cafe Latte or Cappuccino on your way to work.

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