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Vacuum Syphon

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Brewing with Vacuum Syphon
Brand : KOKO
Size : 3 cups.

Additional Item :
Wooden Stirrer
Alcohol 98%
Medium Ground Coffee





Preheat water :
Using 98% Alcohol (easily found in pharmacy) as media.
Pour water into BOTTOM part of syphon.







While waiting for water to boil, transfer coffee (Medium Ground) into TOP part of syphon.








Make sure the filter cloth is insert and hooked properly before adding ground coffee.

















After water is boiling, gently insert TOP part of syphon.

TIPS : Do NOT place parts too tight one to another, it will be very hard to separate them after finish brewing.








Boiling water goes upward to the TOP parts.








Gently blending in water and ground coffee using wooden stirrer.









Stirring gently , will keep the AROMA of coffee.


























We usually hold the heat for one minute, will results a thicker body and stronger flavour.









Remove the heat and again, gently wipe the BOTTOM parts using wet cloth. (every step has to be gentle brewing with syphon..haha)

Wiping with wet cloth will absorb the heat and creates VACUUM effect.

Water is drawn back from TOP to BOTTOM.














Separate the parts by moving TOP parts from right to left and repeat.

















Our Macehat’s special Sumatran Gourmet Coffee is ready to be served.

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