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The Journey of Our Beans

Single Origin


Arguably as the most full-bodied arabica coffee in the world, Sumatran Mandheling also famous for it’s rich, syrupy flavor. Growing throughout archipelago area creates very aromatic citrus-fruity, floral, earthy in Sumatran coffee. It is also smooth, well balanced and medium in acidity.

Body : Heavy-bodied
Aroma : Citrus-Fruity, Floral, Earthy.
Flavour : Rich, Syrupy.
Acidity : Medium


The journey of our beans begin in the highland surrounding Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Aron (means : worker) selectively pick ripe cherries from matured coffee trees and quickly delivered daily to our processing area in Medan. Only the bright red, glossy and firm coffee cherries are through to the next processing stage.



Within 10 hours after the cherries are harvested and sorted, they are put through the pulping machine, to remove Cherry’s pulp from the seeds(Wet Parchment).


The wet parchment then goes through fermentation to break down the mucilage(thin flesh surrounding coffee bean). It is done by soaking beans in water and removes any floating beans on surface. This wet processingand will add a special characteristic to the coffee flavor.

After fermentation, the beans are washed with clean water to remove any residue of mucilage.



Beans are then spread to dry under the sun to develop unique coffee characteristics. They are then further dried using Drying Oven until moisture reduce to 10-13%, to prevent growth of mould. At this stage, the Dry Parchment has hull/hard shell still attached to the beans.



Dry parchments must go through Huller to remove hard shell and silverskin(soft, thin membrane underneath the hull). The result is green coffee beans most of us recognized.
Next, the green beans are sorted to remove foreign matters, defects and damage beans.



Green beans are roasted in small batches to ensure the consistency and to unlock the coffee’s true character. Roasting time, temperature, color changes, aroma, smokes and sounds are the key technique in roasting, to produce the right coffee aroma and flavor.
Pre-order request of different roasting profile is delightfully accepted, from Cinnamon(light roast) to French(Dark Roast).
It is advisable to consume coffee within a month start from roasting date, while the coffee beans still at their optimum aroma and flavor.

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